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We can answer your questions about immunization.

The ImmunizeBC Ask Us application is for immunization questions only. Once your immunization question is answered by a registered nurse, the answer to your question will be posted on ImmunizeBC so that others can learn from it.  Your privacy is important to us. Any names or other identifying information will be removed. Learn about our terms of use and privacy policy

Please note: COVID-19 questions submitted through this application will not receive a response. For information on COVID-19, please visit the BCCDC website.  For information on who to contact with questions about COVID-19, visit the BCCDC Contact Us page.  

If you have questions about immunization services during COVID-19, please contact your local health unit

To speak with a registered nurse about other topics, contact your local health unit or call HealthLink BC at 8-1-1. 

Please note: This application is for members of the public only. Health care providers should visit the Health Professionals section of the BCCDC website.  

Date last updated: 
Tuesday, Mar 31, 2020
Date last reviewed: 
Monday, Mar 30, 2020