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Take Quizzes, Earn Vaccines

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Connect your curriculum to global citizenship and inspire digital-age students.
Developed by teachers for teachers! Kids Boost Immunity provides curated lessons with interactive quizzes that mirror science, health, and social studies curriculum across Canada – all for free.  Students earn a vaccine to donate to a child in another part of the world for each quiz they successfully complete. Vaccines are donated through UNICEF Canada. Download a handout about Kids Boost Immunity here.
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Act Locally. Immunize Globally.
I Boost Immunity makes learning fun by turning individual knowledge about immunization into vaccines through UNICEF Canada.
Earn a vaccine for a child in another part of the world for every quiz you get right! We also donate one vaccine to UNICEF Canada for each piece of content you share.
Add a positive voice to the immunization conversation in your community. The more you do, the more vaccines you can earn. Download a brochure about IBoostImmunity here.  Posters are available here