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Where to get immunized

Date last reviewed: 
Tuesday, Mar 12, 2024

Infants and young children

  • Public health nurses give vaccines to infants and young children at health units and community health centres. Some doctors and nurse practitioners also give vaccines. 
  • In First Nations communities, children get immunized by their community health nurse at their community health centre or nursing station.
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School-age children and teens

  • Public health nurses immunize students in grades 6 and 9 at school clinics. Consent forms are sent home from the school before the clinic. 
  •  In First Nations communities where students attend a First Nations school, community health nurses may immunize students at a school clinic, community health centre, or nursing station.
  • If your child is homeschooled or needs to catch up on missed vaccines, you can schedule an appointment at your local health unit, community health centre, nursing station, doctor’s office, or pharmacy to get them immunized.


Influenza (flu) vaccines

  • Influenza (flu) vaccines are available during the influenza season through public health clinics, pharmacies, doctors’ offices, and travel clinics. Pharmacists can provide influenza vaccines by injection to children 4 and older and by nasal spray to children 2 and older.
  • You can book an influenza vaccine appointment through the provincial government's Get Vaccinated system. You will receive an email or SMS text when it's time to book.
  • People living in First Nations communities can contact their community health centre or nursing station to schedule an influenza vaccine appointment. 

COVID-19 vaccines

  • You can book COVID-19 vaccine appointments through the Get Vaccinated system. After you register, you will be sent a booking invitation link.
  • People living in First Nations communities can contact their community health centre or nursing station to book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment or find out about clinic locations. 

Travel vaccines