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SMS Immunization Reminder

1) I have a baby and want to be reminded to make an appointment with my health care provider: Get reminders before your child’s 2, 4, 6, 12, 18 month immunizations are due based on your baby’s date of birth. Sign up at any time in the schedule.

When will I get reminders? A text message will be sent one month and one week before the next immunization milestone to remind you to call your health care provider to schedule your next immunization appointment. (based on the BC routine immunization schedule).    

Who should use this service? Parents of infants up to 18 months of age.


2) I have made a scheduled immunization appointment: Receive a reminder for any already scheduled future appointment date with your health care provider.

When will I get reminders? Text message reminders will be sent to your mobile device one week and one day before your appointment date.

Who should use this service? Anyone regardless of age with an immunization appointment (infant, child, teen, adult).

Unsubscribe from text reminders

If you have previously signed up to receive immunization reminders on your phone and no longer wish to receive them, enter your mobile phone number in the field below. A text message confirming your unsubscribe request will be sent to your phone number.

Questions? Check out our ImmunizeBC texting Frequently Asked Questions page.