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Immunization records

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Thursday, Dec 21, 2023

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Immunization records (also called vaccination records) provide a history of all the vaccines a person has received. A person without an immunization record is considered unimmunized and unprotected.

Access immunization records through Health Gateway

You can access, download, and print immunization records through Health Gateway.
  • Health Gateway only shows immunizations that are in the Provincial Immunization Registry; this includes immunizations given at public health clinics and pharmacies in BC. 
  • It does not show immunizations given by other health care providers (i.e., family doctors or nurse practitioners) or travel clinics.
  • Anyone 12 years and older can create an account with Health Gateway to access their records.
  • Parents or caregivers can add younger children to their accounts.

Immunization records

If you or your child’s immunization record is incomplete in Health Gateway, you can submit a vaccine record to be added to the BC's Provincial Immunization Registry (PIR). 

Finding immunization records that are not in Health Gateway

In BC, paper records are given at the time of immunization. Childhood immunizations are usually recorded in the Child Health Passport. If you don't have a paper record, you can request an official record in the following ways: 
  • Contact your local health unit, community health centre, or nursing station if the vaccines were given at these places or school. 
  • If another health care provider gave the vaccines, contact that provider.
  • If you have moved to BC from another province or country, try to get the records sent to you. 
Please note: If a minor provided consent for immunization, only that minor can request a copy of their record.

If you can't find an immunization record

If you can't find an immunization record:
  • You or your child may need to get some of the vaccines again. While this is not ideal, it is safe to repeat vaccines. 
  • Blood tests to determine immunity to vaccine-preventable diseases are not routinely recommended or available for all diseases. 
  • Your health care provider can help you figure out what is best for you or your child.
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Keeping immunization records up to date

Keeping immunization records up to date is important. The records may be needed for specific jobs, travel, daycare, or school registration. Keep your records in a safe place. 


If you do not have an immunization record card or do not have one for you or your child, you can download and print one below. 

There is also a free mobile app that can help you keep track of immunizations. You can learn more about the app at