Where can I get an influenza vaccine?

Where can I get an influenza vaccine?
Influenza vaccines are available at a wide variety of locations across the province including: pharmacies, public health clinics, and some primary care providers' offices.
This year, you can book your influenza vaccine through the provincial government's Get Vaccinated system, the same system used to book COVID-19 vaccine appointments. 
  • If you've received a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in BC, you're already registered with the Get Vaccinated system and will automatically receive an invite to book your influenza vaccine.
  • If you are not yet registered, you can register online with the Get Vaccinated system or call 1-833-838-2323. 
  • Invitations to book influenza vaccines are being sent daily. If you haven't received your notification by October 23, contact the provincial call centre at 1-833-838-2323.
  • Booking through the Get Vaccinated system is the most efficient way to access an influenza vaccine; however, walk-in appointments are available at some pharmacies. It's best to call ahead to confirm availability.
  • If you have questions about booking your influenza vaccine appointment, visit the provincial governments Influenza Vaccine page or call 1-833-838-2323
Please note: Pharmacists can vaccinate children who are 4 years of age and older with the inactivated influenza vaccine given by injection and 2 years of age and older with the live-attenuated influenza vaccine given as a nasal spray. 
Date last reviewed: 
Friday, Oct 14, 2022