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Stories about vaccine-preventable diseases

Date last reviewed: 
Wednesday, Mar 06, 2024


Nathan's Story

Nathan's mom shares her story about the stroke Nathan suffered after becoming infected with chickenpox.


Farin's story

Marijean shares her story about how her son, Farin, died of Hib meningitis.  


HPV: Our Family's Story

Audra and her aunt Laura are strong believers in the HPV vaccine, for good reason: Gisel, Audra's mother and Laura's older sister, died from cervical cancer at only 38. 


Summer's Story

Brent tells the story of the death of his wife, Summer, from cervical cancer at the age of 29.


Don't let the flu get to you



I Lost My Friend To Meningitis

It only took 4 days for meningitis to take Leo's life.


Sherry's story

Listen to Sherry tell her story about how she lost her son to meningitis.


Jane's story

A story about pertussis (whooping cough)


Janice's story

Hear Janice tell her story about how her son contracted whooping cough. 


The effects of pneumococcal meningitis

Dr. Gary Marshall discusses the devastating effects of pneumococcal disease.


Jenette's story

A story about Polio


Stories from parents about why they choose to vaccinate

A Change of Heart

Vancouver's Tyson and Dawn Wozniak tell their story about how, as "natural parents," they decided not vaccinate their first child.  Upon having their second child, however they began to do more research and subsequently had "A Change of Heart."