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Getting the COVID-19 vaccine (youth)

Does a youth who had COVID-19 still need the vaccine?
How can I help support a youth who is afraid of needles?

Risks of COVID-19 infection and benefits of vaccination (youth)

I heard that children and teens don’t transmit the COVID-19 virus to others. So how does my child or teen getting vaccinated help protect others?
What are the risks of COVID-19 infection in youth?

COVID-19 vaccine safety (youth)

Are mRNA COVID-19 vaccines safe for youth?
Can mRNA vaccines cause inflammation of the heart?
Are the spike proteins generated by the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines harmful?
Are there long-term side effects of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in youth?
Can mRNA COVID-19 vaccines alter a person’s DNA?

COVID-19 vaccine & reproductive health (youth)

Can COVID-19 vaccines cause infertility?

Informed consent and COVID-19 vaccination (youth)

Can youth provide their own consent for the COVID-19 vaccine?