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Tuesday, Mar 12, 2024

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Canada has one of the best vaccine safety programs in the world. Here are some important things you should know about vaccine safety.

The safety of each vaccine is thoroughly studied before it is approved for use.

Vaccines are among the most strictly regulated medical products in Canada. All vaccines undergo an in-depth testing process and must be shown to be safe and effective before being approved for use in Canada. This process goes through several phases to gather all the scientific information necessary to ensure the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. Learn more.

Vaccine safety monitoring is ongoing.

After a vaccine is approved, its safety is continuously monitored. Canada has several systems in place to carefully monitor the safety of vaccines. It's important to report any adverse events after immunization to your immunization provider/clinic or health care provider. Health care providers are trained to report these events to the correct channels to monitor vaccine safety. Learn more.

The benefits of vaccines greatly outweigh the risks.

The benefits of vaccines are immense. They prevent diseases that can cause serious illness, life-long disability, and even death. The main risks associated with vaccines are side effects, which are almost always minor and temporary. Serious side effects are very rare. The benefits of vaccines greatly outweigh the risks. Learn more.

The ingredients in vaccines are safe.

Vaccines contain small amounts of specific ingredients (also called components). All of these ingredients serve a specific purpose in either making the vaccine or ensuring that the vaccine is safe and effective. The ingredients in vaccines are safe in the amounts used. Learn more.

Getting more than one vaccine at a time is safe.

Research shows that getting more than one vaccine at the same visit is safe. For children, getting multiple vaccines at the same time helps ensure they are protected as quickly as possible during their early years of life when they are most at risk. Getting several vaccines at the same time also means fewer appointments and periods of pain and discomfort. Learn more


Vaccine Safety in Canada