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Act Locally. Immunize Globally.

I Boost Immunity makes learning fun by turning individual knowledge about immunization into vaccines through UNICEF Canada.

Earn a vaccine for a child in another part of the world for every quiz you get right! We donate one vaccine to UNICEF Canada for each piece of content you share or quiz answered correctly.

Add a positive voice to the immunization conversation in your community. The more you do, the more vaccines you can earn. Download a brochure about IBoostImmunity here.  Posters are available here

It's that simple! Go to: https://iboostimmunity.com/

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Kids Boost Immunity (KBI) is a free online learning resource for Canadian science, health and social studies teachers for grades 5-12. KBI is brimming with carefully curated lessons linked to science, health or social studies curricula.

Kids Boost Immunity represents a new approach to learning by connecting local grassroots education directly to global disease prevention.

After completing a lesson, students use a computer or their own device (e.g. smart phone) to take quizzes to earn vaccines in support of UNICEF Canada. The more quizzes a student completes, the more vaccines they earn for kids in another part of the world. Download a one page handout about KidsBoostImmunity here or the brochure here.

It’s that simple! Go to: https://kidsboostimmunity.com/

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Monday, Jan 14, 2019
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Wednesday, Nov 01, 2017