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Getting the COVID-19 vaccine (general)

Are the COVID-19 vaccine clinics inclusive and accessible (free of barriers, can be used independently by all people)? Is transportation available to the clinics? Can someone give me the COVID-19 vaccine in my home?
I had COVID-19. Do I need to get vaccinated?
I was immunized outside of BC or Canada. What should I do?

COVID-19 vaccine schedules & timing (general)

Can the COVID-19 vaccine be given at the same time as other vaccines?
Can you still get TB screening done (TB skin test or IGRA) before or after a COVID-19 vaccine?

COVID-19 vaccine booster doses and third doses (general)

Who should get a COVID-19 booster dose?
Who should get a second booster of COVID-19 vaccine?
I just had COVID-19. Do I still need a booster dose?
What is the difference between a third dose and a booster dose?

COVID-19 vaccination records (general)

How can I get a record of my COVID-19 vaccinations?

Safety of COVID-19 vaccines (general)

I am recovering from an illness (like COVID-19, shingles or chickenpox). Is it safe to get the COVID-19 vaccine?
How were COVID-19 vaccines developed and approved so quickly? How do we know they are safe?
Is it safe to drink alcohol before or after getting the vaccine?
Are the spike proteins generated by the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines harmful?
Is it safe for me to get a COVID-19 vaccine if I am immunocompromised from treatment or illness? What if I have an autoimmune disease?
Is it safe to get the COVID-19 vaccine if I use marijuana/cannabis? Does it matter if it is edibles, smoked, etc.?
Is it safe to get the COVID-19 vaccine if I use substances or struggle with addiction?
Is it safe to get a tattoo, or microblading, or botox before or after COVID-19 vaccines?

COVID-19 vaccine side effects (general)

How do I report a serious reaction to a COVID-19 vaccine?
Are there long-term side effects caused by mRNA COVID-19 vaccines?

COVID-19 vaccine ingredients (general)

Are there blood products in any of the COVID-19 vaccines?
Where can I find a list of the ingredients in the COVID-19 vaccines currently authorized for use in Canada?
Do COVID-19 vaccines contain fetal cells? Were abortions performed to make the vaccines?

COVID-19 vaccines and allergies (general)

I have an allergy to one of the ingredients in the COVID-19 vaccine. What should I do?
I had a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) after my mRNA vaccine. Can I get another dose?

COVID-19 vaccination & pregnancy & breastfeeding (general)

Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe for people who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding?
Does the COVID-19 vaccine affect menstruation?
Why are pregnant people able to get their booster as early as 8 weeks after getting their second dose of COVID-19 vaccine?
Does the COVID-19 vaccine affect fertility?
If I am vaccinated and breastfeeding, do I pass on COVID-19 immunity to my baby?

COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness (general)

Are COVID-19 vaccines effective against variants like Omicron?
How long does protection from COVID-19 vaccine last?

Other questions about COVID-19 vaccines (general)

Is the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory?
Can I get an antibody test to find out what level of protection I have from my COVID-19 vaccination?
How do I find out if a health professional (doctor, nurse, dentist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, etc.,) is vaccinated against COVID-19?