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Immunization for adults

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Wednesday, Apr 03, 2024

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Why adults need vaccines

Vaccination is important for protecting your health in every stage of life. 
Vaccines are the best way to protect you from many preventable diseases. As you get older, protection from some vaccines you received when you were younger can wear off and additional doses (boosters) are needed to maintain protection. You are also at greater risk for certain diseases as you age. In addition, specific vaccines may be recommended for you based on your job, travel plans, health conditions, or other factors.
By keeping up to date with your vaccines, you also help protect others.
Four Indigenous adults, representing a range of genders, sitting together and laughing.

Vaccines recommended for adults

Vaccines are recommended for adults throughout their lives. Many of these vaccines are free (paid for by the BC government), and others may need to be purchased.
All adults need:  
You might need other vaccines based on your age, health conditions, job, life events, travel, or other factors. In addition, there are vaccines you can purchase for extra protection.
To learn more about what vaccines might be recommended for you, talk to your health care provider or visit our Vaccines adults need page.