When to vaccinate

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For best protection, children should get all vaccines on time. The vaccination schedule is designed to protect infants and young children early in life, when they are most vulnerable, and before they are exposed to vaccine-preventable diseases.
Older children, teens, and adults need vaccines too. As people grow older, they are at risk for new and different diseases that vaccines can prevent. Also, some vaccines received at a younger age can wear off, so booster doses are needed to provide continued protection. 
In this section, you will find: 
  • Information on the vaccines recommended for infants and young children, school-age children, adults, pregnant people, travellers, and people new to BC.
  • Vaccine schedules.
  • Information on why on-time vaccination is important.
  • Tips on how to prepare for your child's vaccination appointment and what to expect.

By making sure you and your family are up-to-date with your vaccines, you are protecting yourself, your family, and others from diseases that can be serious and even life-threatening. 


Date last reviewed: 
Tuesday, Mar 24, 2020