Where to get vaccinated

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Where can my child get vaccinated?

Your child can get vaccinated at your local health unit. Health units are also called public health units, community health centres, or primary care homes in some areas of B.C. Some family doctors and nurse practitioners also give vaccines. Pharmacists can vaccinate children who are 4 years of age and older. The exception to this is influenza (flu) which pharmacists can provide to children 2 and older by nasal spray. Services vary across B.C.

It’s best to book your child’s appointment well in advance as clinics book up quickly.  This helps to ensure your child is vaccinated on time.

Where do school-age children and teens get vaccines?

School-age children and teens are offered routine vaccines at clinics held at their school. These vaccines are provided for free by public health nurses.

Those who miss getting vaccinated at school, who don’t feel comfortable getting vaccinated at school, or who are homeschooled can contact their local health unit, doctor’s office or pharmacy to make an appointment to get vaccinated for free.

Where can adults get vaccinated?

Adults can get publicly-funded vaccines from their local health unit, most pharmacies, and some doctors’ offices. Non-publicly funded vaccines can be purchased at most pharmacies and travel clinics. Services vary throughout B.C. 

Where can my child or I get the influenza (flu) vaccine?

Influenza (flu) vaccines are available during the influenza season through public health clinics, pharmacies, doctors’ offices, and travel clinics. Pharmacists can vaccinate children who are 4 years of age and older with the inactivated influenza vaccine given by injection and 2 years of age and older with the live-attenuated influenza vaccine given as a nasal spray. This year, you can book your influenza vaccine through the provincial government's Get Vaccinated system, the same system used to book COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

Where can my child or I get travel vaccines?

Travel vaccines are available from travel health clinics, most pharmacies, and some doctors’ offices. For the yellow fever vaccine, you will need to go to a designated yellow fever vaccination centre

There is a charge for most travel vaccines. 

How can I get vaccinated for COVID-19? 

Register and book with the Get Vaccinated system.

Date last reviewed: 
Saturday, Oct 15, 2022