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Vaccine safety

How long does it take for a vaccine to be tested and approved for use in Canada?
How do we know vaccines are safe?
I have a chronic disease. Is it safe for me to get vaccinated?
How do I report an adverse event following immunization?
Can vaccines cause autism?
Can vaccines cause SIDS?
Do vaccines cause asthma and allergic diseases?
Do vaccines cause autoimmune diseases like diabetes and multiple sclerosis (MS)?
Is it safe for my child to get more than one vaccine at the same time?
Can getting multiple vaccines at the same time overwhelm my baby's immune system?
Are combination vaccines safe?
My child accidentally got an extra dose of vaccine. Is this harmful?
Is it safe to repeat vaccines? I can’t find my immunization record.
Can a vaccine give me or my child the disease it’s supposed to prevent?
Where can I find information on vaccine side effects?
What should I do if I or my child have an unexpected or serious reaction to a vaccine?
Do vaccines cause chronic illness or other long-term health problems?