Why aren't provincial/territorial/Canadian immunization...


Why aren't provincial/territorial/Canadian immunization records electronically stored on a secure, central database so that adult patients can look up their own records online? Ideally this database could include a 'reminder' function. Example: Vaccine name/date/location/next booster due


In Canada, the responsibility for health care, including immunization, is shared by the federal, provincial and territorial governments.  Each province and territory maintains its own system for tracking immunization coverage and in BC there is no central registry. In most provinces and territories, immunization data is collected mainly on children. How provinces and territories record childhood immunization data may be different. Some jurisdictions have electronic databases to track childhood immunization data, while others use paper-based systems. Some use a combination of both.

Health care providers must maintain a record of all vaccines that they give and each person that receives a vaccine should be given a permanent personal immunization record. They should be reminded to keep the record in a safe place and to present it at every health care visit so that it can be updated.

An example of an adult personal immunization record is available from Immunize Canada.

You may also be interested in the CANImmunize app which allows you to store your immunizations and receive reminders about upcoming immunization.

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Tuesday, Sep 10, 2019