Which vaccine would cause the vaccinated individual to...


Which vaccine would cause the vaccinated individual to become an asymptomatic carrier of a disease? If they come in contact with it. Meaning they could spread it to babies etc. If you cant answer this i question your ability to advise people to vaccinate due to lacking knowledge.


Live attenuated vaccines are made from a weakened version of the germ (virus or bacteria) that causes the disease. When a person receives a live vaccine, the germ in the vaccine multiplies (grows) in the body and stimulates an immune response almost identical to that produced by natural infection. Because it is weakened, the vaccine germ cannot multiply enough to cause disease in people with healthy immune systems. If there are any special precautions to be taken after receiving a live attenuated vaccine, the healthcare provider will review with you. For example:

  • very rarely, a person who develops a rash after being immunized can spread the virus from the chickenpox vaccine. To prevent spreading it to others, cover the rash until the blisters have dried and crusted over.
  • the virus from the rotavirus vaccine may be found in a baby's stool for at least 10 days after immunization. Parents and caregivers should wash their hands thoroughly after changing diapers.

Remember, it is much safer to get the vaccine than get the disease it prevents. If you have more questions, speak with your immunizing healthcare provider.

Immunization Nurse

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Monday, Aug 27, 2018