Where can I get the Bexserro (Meningitus B) vaccine for my 7...


Where can I get the Bexserro (Meningitus B) vaccine for my 7 mth old. I understand I have to pay for it. Also, how many doses of the vaccine will he need? He has had one at 5 mths.


In BC, Meningococcal B Vaccine BEXSERO® is not part of the routine immunization schedule, but available for purchase. The cost of BEXSERO® may be covered with your private insurance. Contact your insurance provider and give the DIN (drug identification number) to find out, DIN: 02417030.

The vaccine schedule for babies 6-11 months of age is to receive 2 doses 8 weeks apart, with a third dose after 12 months of age (and at least 8 weeks after dose 2). Services vary across BC, but some travel health clinics and doctors' offices will provide this vaccine to a 7-month-old. The BC Pediatric Society has facts sheets on non-publicly funded (for purchase) vaccines here.

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Friday, Dec 28, 2018