what is Adacel?Should all grade 9 boys get this shot???...


what is Adacel? Should all grade 9 boys get this shot???


Adacel ® is the brand name of the tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis (Tdap) vaccine.  The Tdap vaccine is offered to all students in grade 9.  This is a booster dose for children immunized against these diseases at a younger age. The booster dose strengthens or boosts the immune system to give better protection against these diseases. Most children will need this dose; however, children who have had a dose of the Tdap vaccine on or after their 10th birthday do not need a dose in grade 9. We recommend that you speak with your health care provider or your child’s school nurse  to find out if your child needs the Tdap vaccine.  You can get in touch with your child's school nurse by contacting your local public health unit

For more information about grade 9 immunizations, please see the HealthLinkBC File: Grade 9 Immunizations in BC.