We are traveling to Europe, specifically Romania in 4...


We are traveling to Europe, specifically Romania in 4 days,my 3 year old daughter hasn't completed her 2nd dose of MMR vaccine until she's four. Should I be concerned?


It is recommended that children over 12 months of age receive two doses of the MMR vaccine before travelling outside of North America. Measles, mumps and rubella are endemic in many countries and therefore protection against these diseases is especially important for travelers.  

We recommended that you contact your local public health unit, doctor or local travel clinic as soon as possible to discuss this further and to discuss the possibility of your daughter getting her second dose of the vaccine prior to leaving the country.  

It is advised that individuals considering international travel consult their health care provider or local travel clinic for information regarding travel vaccine recommendations prior to travel.  The nurses at ImmunizeBC do not provide travel vaccine recommendations. 

- Immunization Nurse