We are planning to travel to Canada from the United Kingdom...


We are planning to travel to Canada from the United Kingdom 8 weeks after our child is due to be born. If they are born late and it is too early to immunise in the U.K. is it possible to get immunised whilst we are in Canada? Obviously we would expect to pay?


Yes, it is possible for your child can get immunized while in Canada.  Travelers to British Columbia (BC) from outside of Canada may be immunized according to the BC routine immunization schedule while they are in the province. Vaccines provided as part of BC’s routine immunization schedule are publicly funded (free) and are available from public health units.  

Vaccines that are not publicly funded in BC can be purchased at travel clinics.  If you choose to purchase vaccines at a travel clinic, you would need to visit a travel clinic that is not part of a pharmacy as pharmacists in BC only immunize people 5 years of age and older. 

Appointments are required at both public health units and travel clinics. It's best to book well in advance.  We recommend that you contact the public health unit and/or travel clinic in the city or town in BC that you will be visiting for more information. 

- Immunization Nurse 

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Tuesday, Sep 05, 2017
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Wednesday, Nov 01, 2017