Our grand children are 7 and 4 and due to their mother...


Our grand children are 7 and 4 and due to their mother refusing any vaccinations for the children if we get a court order can they get caught up and if so how many visits r needed


In BC, parents have the authority to provide consent to immunizations for their child except when their decision-making rights have been legally revoked. Older children, may be able to consent to their own immunizations through mature-minor consent. If you are the custodial caregivers or foster parents of these children and there is a question about who has the authority to consent, contact the children's social worker for clarification.
In general, a child (four or seven years of age) with no history of vaccines can get caught up over one year and potentially five or more visits. The timing of visits and the need for specific vaccines will require adjustment based on the age at which the child starts the schedule. Routine vaccines schedules are posted on our site.

ImmunizeBC Nurse