My two boys are 6&9, and never received any vaccines until...


My two boys are 6 & 9, and never received any vaccines until now. They received a Tdap IPV shot on Nov 12 and another one Dec 10. When can they now get their Mmr vaccine? Was it right to wait only one month in between the two shots or should it have been longer.


The recommended interval between 1st and 2nd doses of Tdap IPV is 4 weeks to one month. The MMR vaccine could have been given on the same day or at any interval after the Tdap IPV. The sooner they receive it, the sooner they will be protected. If they have not had chicken pox disease, it is recommended to give MMRV which will provide protection against chickenpox and reduce the number of needles they need to get. If you have further questions, speak with your immunization provider, or call your local health unit and ask to speak to a public health nurse. You can find the number here. You may be interested in these frequently asked questions about vaccine safety here.

ImmunizeBC Nurse