My 11 year old received his tetanus and meningitis vaccine....


My 11 year old received his tetanus and meningitis vaccine. His arm is swollen a lot from we’re the shot was given and his forearm is sore as well. Should I worry


Vaccines are among the safest medical products available, but like any medicine, they can cause side effects. Many people who receive vaccines have no side effects. For those that do, the side effects are usually very minor, like soreness, redness, or swelling where the vaccine was given, or a mild fever. These side effects usually only last a day or two. You can find more info re side effects here. If the swelling moves past a nearest joint and/or lasts for 10 days or longer we recommend that you report this reaction to your health care provider who gave your son his vaccines. If you have concerns about side effects or other questions, please contact your immunization provider.

ImmunizeBC Nurse

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Wednesday, Jan 27, 2021