Just had kindergarten shots, but was told to return to re-do...


Just had kindergarten shots, but was told to return to re-do the Varicella shot as first one at 12m was invalid (due to it being 16 days apart from MMR). 1) How do we find out why this was approved by the doctor & 2) Do we return in 4 or 12 weeks for f/up (were given both dates)?


If two live vaccines are not given on the same day and are given less than four weeks apart, the second vaccine should be repeated. The MMR and Varicella vaccines are both live injectable vaccines. If two live injectable vaccines are given too close together, the immune response to the second vaccine may be affected by the first vaccine.  To minimize this possibility, two or more live injectable vaccines should be administered at the same time or separated by a space of at least four weeks. Since this didn't happen in your case, the vaccine that was just given is the first valid dose of varicella.

The current BCCDC guidelines say that for those 12 years of age and under, the recommended interval between two doses of varicella is 12 weeks. So, you should return in 12 weeks.

ImmunizeBC Nurse

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Tuesday, Jul 28, 2020