I'm travelling out of the country in a few months. I'm...


I'm travelling out of the country in a few months. I'm wondering how to find out if I've been vaccinated for Hep A and Typhoid, I can't remember. Where do I find this info?


There is no central registry of all immunizations provided in BC.  A paper record would have been provided at the time of immunization.  If do not have a paper record of these immunizations, you can contact the clinic where you would have been immunized and see if they have a record of your immunizations.  You can find more information on locating immunization records here.

The hepatitis A and typhoid vaccines are not part of the routine immunization schedule in BC. However, since 2012, the hepatitis A vaccine has been offered to all Aboriginal children and adolescents 6 months – 18 years of age as part of their routine immunizations.   

If you are travelling, it is important to know what vaccines you need before you go.  It is recommended that you contact your local travel clinic preferably six weeks before you travel for information on vaccines recommended for your travel destination.  You can find a list of travel clinics in BC here

- Immunization Nurse