If I have an upcoming trip and know the vaccinations...


If I have an upcoming trip and know the vaccinations required, where can I go to obtain the vaccinations? Is a travel specific clinic my only option? Thank you


Where a person can get travel vaccines depends on the specific vaccines they need for travel. Certain vaccines recommended for travel may only be available at travel clinics (for example, the yellow fever vaccine is only available at designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres), whereas others (for example, the hepatitis A vaccine) are available for purchase at most pharmacies.  Vaccines that are publicly funded (for example, the tetanus/diphtheria (Td) vaccine and the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine) are available from public health units, doctors’ offices and pharmacies.  

It is recommended that a person consults their local travel clinic or health care provider 4-6 weeks before they travel.