If I am not comfortable with the vaccine scheduleCan we...


If I am not comfortable with the vaccine schedule Can we adjust it so that my baby is not receiving so much all at once I don’t agree with giving so many vaccinations all at once, babies brains and bodies are still developing and injecting chemicals into them just seems wrong to me.


With your concerns about the vaccine schedule and safety, it would be helpful to speak directly with your doctor or a public health nurse who will give the vaccines. Use the health unit finder for a location near you. Read more about why vaccines are safe here. The recommended schedule was created to protect infants and young children early in life, when they are most vulnerable, and before they are potentially exposed to vaccine-preventable diseases.

Parents can choose to not follow BC's routine immunization schedule, but this is not recommended because:

  • There is no known benefit to delaying or spacing out vaccines.
  • Schedules that delay or space out vaccines leave your child at risk of getting diseases while they are unvaccinated.
  • Delaying or spacing out vaccines will increase the number of visits to your child’s health care provider, which may increase your child’s risk of developing anxiety and needle fear.

Immunization Nurse