I want to enroll in an MD program, but I have VAX...


I want to enroll in an MD program, but I have VAX sensitivities. Is there exemptions to this? I don't think risking my health for flu shots would prevent me from providing medical care to others...


ImmunizeBC is an immunization resource for members of the public, not health care workers (HCWs). Please speak with your educational institution about their occupational health program and exemptions. In general:

  • HCWs are at risk of exposure to infectious diseases because of their contact with patients.
  • Having immunity against vaccine-preventable diseases protects HCWs and may also protect patients from becoming infected by HCWs.
  • All routine immunizations, including booster doses, are recommended to HCWs.
  • In BC, there is an influenza prevention policy for all health care settings. More information is here.

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Sunday, Jun 09, 2019