I have a son who’s turning 4 in May he has MMR at 12 months...


I have a son who’s turning 4 in May he has MMR at 12 months I wonder if he should get a booster shot we are leaving in March and will be passing a city that has measles outbreak.


It is important that all members of your family are immunized against measles, especially if travelling into an outbreak area. In BC, children are routinely given two doses of the combined measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine.  The efficacy (vaccine’s ability to prevent illness in people vaccinated in research studies) of a single dose of measles-containing vaccine given at 12 or 15 months of age is estimated to be 85% to 95%. With a second dose, efficacy in children approaches 100%. 

  • The first dose off MMR vaccine is given at 12 months and the second dose is given at 4-6 years of age.
  • In BC, the second dose is the combined with Varicella (chickenpox) Vaccine (MMRV) which cannot be given before a child is 4 years of age.
  • If you are going into a measles outbreak area and want your child to receive a second dose of MMR vaccine before 4 years of age, please contact your local health unit or speak with your health care provider. 

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Wednesday, Feb 06, 2019