I have had Chicken pocks several times. I am on long term...


I have had Chicken pox several times. I am on long term disability. How do I go about getting the Shingles Vaccination, will the Government cover this for me.


Non-publicly funded vaccines (including the shingles vaccine and most travel vaccines) are not subsidized by the BC Government.  

You can purchase the shingles vaccine at most travel clinics and pharmacies for about $200. Some health insurance plans may cover the cost of the vaccine.  The best way for a person to find out if they have coverage is to contact their insurance provider/health plan directly.

If you buy the vaccine at a travel clinic, a doctor or nurse on site will be able to immunize you. Most pharmacists in B.C. are also able to immunize. Some doctors may also have a supply of the shingles vaccine.

For more information about the shingles vaccine, visit our shingles page