I currently have shingles. I understand that it is...


I currently have shingles. I understand that it is recommended to wait 1 yr before getting the Shingrix vaccine. Do I need to wait before getting the Prevnar/pneumococcal vaccine?


Shingrix® is recommended for adults 50 years of age or older who previously had shingles. Immunization may be considered at least one year after having shingles. The vaccine should not be given to those who currently have shingles. Read more about shingles here.

BC's immunization schedules have two pneumococcal vaccines for various ages and/or health conditions. These vaccines may be publicly funded (free) or available for purchase from a pharmacy or travel health clinics. Services vary across BC. There is not a specific time frame between shingles disease and a pneumococcal vaccine. Please discuss with your health care provider your current health and when to schedule your next vaccine(s).

Immunization Nurse

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Wednesday, Feb 20, 2019