I am an international student in BC. (I’m covered by MSP)....


I am an international student in BC. (I’m covered by MSP). I’m above 18 and never have received Varicella vaccines nor got the disease. Can I get vaccinated and will MSP cover it?


Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine is provided free to people 13 years of age or older who have not been immunized. The series is two doses, with the second dose given six weeks after the first dose. Please note:

People who had chickenpox before their first birthday should still get the vaccine. They may not have developed a long-lasting immunity and could get chickenpox again.
People who had chickenpox or shingles disease at one year of age or older do not need to get the vaccine if they had the disease before 2004, or or a lab test confirmed chickenpox.

You will find more information about chickenpox here. Please contact your immunization provider for more questions.

Immunization Nurse

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Friday, Feb 07, 2020