I am care taker for my 14 year old grandson. I don't think...


I am care taker for my 14 year old grandson. I don't think he had any shots, choice of his parents. What problem would measles be to a teen boy?


If you have questions about measles disease you can go to HealthLinkBC's measles information or call HealthLinkBC at 8-1-1. Complications of measles disease can lead to:

  • infections of the ear or lungs (pneumonia).
  • More serious complications, occurring in 1 person in 1,000, include encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain. This can lead to seizures, deafness or permanent brain damage.
  • About one person in 3,000 with measles can die from complications.

Children under the age of 19 who are able to understand the benefits and possible reactions for each vaccine, and the risk of not getting immunized, can legally consent to or refuse immunizations. This means that your child may decide for his or herself whether or not to receive a vaccine.  More information on mature minor consent can be found here. 

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Wednesday, Apr 10, 2019