How long do hep a, b and typhoid immunizations last...


How long do hep a, b and typhoid immunizations last


According to the Canadian Immunization Guide, protection from the hepatitis A vaccine is likely to last at least 20 years and possibly for life.  Protection from the hepatitis B vaccine is likely to last for life (however booster doses may be recommended for certain populations and for some individuals, a blood test may be recommended to ensure adequate protection against hepatitis B). Protection from the typhoid vaccine is thought to last for either about three or seven years, depending on the type of typhoid vaccine received (booster doses may be recommended sooner). This is assuming all of the recommended doses of these vaccines are received as per the recommended schedules and that the person who received these vaccines is healthy.

If you are wondering if your immunizations are up-to-date and if you are considered to be protected against these diseases, it is recommended that you follow up with your immunizing health care provider or local travel clinic (if you are travelling). Your health care provider (or the doctor, nurse or pharmacist at the travel clinic) can review your immunization record, tell you if you are considered up-to-date for these vaccines and recommend and provide any missing vaccines.  You can find a list of travel clinics in BC here.

- Immunization Nurse