How come Switzerland has a vaccine for ticks. Our daughter...


How come Switzerland has a vaccine for ticks. Our daughter and her children will be vaccinated on Wednesday. Why is there nothing here in Canada?


In general, ImmunizeBC is able to answer specific vaccine program questions for BC and Canada.  Immunization programs vary throughout the world based on the vaccine preventable disease risks in that country and other factors. The Government of Canada advises:

  • there is no risk of getting tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) virus in Canada. TBE is found across Europe and Asia, spanning: Eastern France to Northern China and Japan; Northern Russia to Albania. 
  • TBE is present in some areas of Switzerland and the TBE vaccine can be considered for travellers to this country. 

If you are travelling to Switzerland, please discuss the TBE vaccine with a travel health clinic.

Immunization Nurse