Hello !my daughter will be 1year old on this November but...


Hello !my daughter will be 1year old on this November but she is going outside to Canada and will come back in march .so is it ok if she take ist years vaccines in march ?


For best protection, it is advised that children receive all of the recommended vaccines on time. We recommend that you discuss this further with your immunizing health care provider.  He or she can tell you whether BC’s routine immunizations can be provided in the country you are visiting or whether these vaccines should and can be given early and prior to your travel. 

It is also recommended that you consult a travel health professional to determine if your child needs any additional vaccines that are not part of the routine schedule prior to traveling.  A travel health professional can also inform you of the risks of vaccine-preventable diseases in the area you are traveling to. You can find a list of travel clinics in BC here

- Immunization Nurse