As a HCSW in British Columbia working in an assisted living...


As a HCSW in British Columbia working in an assisted living facility, can I decline to take the flu shot? What would be the process that I need to complete?


It is highly recommended that all people who are capable of transmitting influenza to those at high risk receive annual influenza vaccination. Our elderly living in assisted living facilities are among those at greatest risk in our society for serious outcomes including death related to influenza, and we know that vaccination of healthcare workers is associated with decreased risk of outbreaks. Furthermore, the fact that the elderly don’t respond as well to vaccines as younger counterparts makes it even more important to build a wall of protection around them. We call this herd immunity. Please read here for more information.  Your manager will have a process for determining who has been vaccinated and what is required (i.e., a notarized declaration) of those who decline. 

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Saturday, Feb 27, 2021