Is full childhood immunization necessary for a healthy...


Is full childhood immunization necessary for a healthy population?


Yes. Vaccines protect children against diseases that can cause serious illness and death. Before vaccines were available, many Canadian children were hospitalized or died from diseases like polio, diphtheria and measles. Today, such diseases are rarely seen in Canada. However, the germs that cause these diseases still exist, and some of these diseases such as pertussis (whooping cough), measles and mumps still occur in small numbers in Canada. If vaccination rates drop, these small numbers of diseases could quickly become outbreaks and epidemics of disease. We have seen this happen in other countries.

When children get vaccinated, they don't just protect themselves, they help to protect their entire community too. We call this herd immunity. For more information on herd immunity and how immunization protects the population, check this link.

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Tuesday, Aug 13, 2019