Do you need both parents consent to give a vaccine to a 9yr...


Do you need both parents consent to give a vaccine to a 9yr old and 3yr old child? Can one parent vaccinate the children if they know the other parent does not consent to it?


In BC, parents have the authority to provide consent for their child regardless of the child's age. (Except when a parents' decision-making rights have been legally revoked or when their child has consented as a mature minor on their own behalf). Both parents are not required to be present for a health care provider to obtain consent to give immunizations.

A health care provider must defer the consent process if a parent discloses there are differences between parents who have equal authority to consent to their child’s immunization. The health care provider cannot proceed with immunizations until a parent reports these differences are resolved. If you have further concerns around informed consent for immunizations, speak with a nurse at your local health unit. Use the health unit finder.

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Thursday, Feb 21, 2019