Do the different health regions share immunization info? My...


Do the different health regions share immunization info? My child has been fully vaccinated, but I believe my child's online record is incomplete because he was vaccinated in 2 different regions (Vancouver/Vancouver Coastal Health & Delta/Fraser Health)


Until this year, B.C. didn’t have a provincial immunization registry. This means that immunization records were not automatically shared between different health regions or between doctors' offices and Public Health. The purpose of the new Vaccination Status Reporting Regulation is to ensure that the records of all school-age children are in the provincial immunization registry.

If the Vaccine Status Indicator shows your child’s immunization records are incomplete, this means either Public Health does not have your child’s records or your child may need additional immunizations. Public Health may be contacting you to provide next steps.

You can find more information on the Vaccination Status Reporting Regulation here

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