What happens if I delay my vaccine?

What happens if I delay my vaccine?

Delaying the vaccine is not recommended as the longer you wait, the longer you remain unprotected and prolong your risk of getting COVID-19. Research on the approved COVID-19 vaccines showed they are highly effective against COVID-19 based on clinical trials with tens of thousands of participants
and the real world data is showing the same. A delay in vaccination and building herd or community immunity also gives the virus time to mutate, and if there are groups of people with partial immunity facing a highly transmissible virus, the virus could evolve to be resistant to current vaccines.
Since it’s not yet clear how long immunity after COVID-19 infection or vaccination will actually last, it’s really important to stop the virus circulating as soon as possible in case immunity starts to wane. If this happens, it will create a window of opportunity for the virus to resurge. This is why getting as many people vaccinated as soon as possible is important. The sooner that a large proportion of the population is immunized, the sooner we can lift all the public health restrictions that are in place to protect us.



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Date last reviewed: 
Friday, Jul 30, 2021