Is there a waiting list or a standby list, or drop-ins to get the vaccine?


Is there a waiting list or a standby list, or drop-ins to get the vaccine?

For clarity:
  • Waiting list: A list of people who are interested in getting the vaccine, who will be contacted when they are able to book their vaccine appointment.
  • Standby list: A list for people who are able to come in at the last minute if someone has suddenly cancelled or moved their scheduled appointment.
BC’s COVID-19 Public Phase Based Immunization Plan 
The registration process for the public rollout creates a waiting list. Once you register, you will be contacted again when you are eligible to book your appointment.
However, the public rollout does not have a standby list or drop-ins that you can sign up for. When there is an unexpected cancellation, these clinics reach out to health care workers etc. that have been pre-arranged to get vaccinated. Please do not wait outside vaccination clinics if you are not scheduled to get a vaccine. 
Pharmacy based vaccine rollout
Some pharmacies in BC may have a waiting list for their COVID-19 vaccines. Some may also offer a standby list or drop-ins. Please contact the pharmacies that are administering the COVID-19 vaccine for information on how they are distributing the vaccine.
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Monday, Apr 19, 2021
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Thursday, Apr 15, 2021