Are preventative vaccines prior to travel such as T.D....


Are preventative vaccines prior to travel such as T.D. (tetnus/dip), Rabies, Typhoid covered by MSP?


Routine vaccines such as tetanus diphtheria will be covered by MSP if you are due for a booster. Rabies and typhoid are not part of the publicly-funded (free) immunization program in BC (rabies may be covered for some people). They are available for purchase from all travel health clinics, some pharmacies and some doctors' offices. Learn more about travel vaccines here. We recommend that you visit a travel health clinic as early as possible, and preferably at least six weeks before you travel. This is important because some vaccines may take several weeks to become fully effective, and others may require more than one dose.

Immunization Nurse

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Tuesday, Sep 10, 2019
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Tuesday, Sep 10, 2019