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Are influenza (flu) vaccines safe for pregnant people?

Are influenza (flu) vaccines safe for pregnant people?

Influenza (flu) vaccination is recommended for all pregnant people at any stage of pregnancy to protect themselves and their babies.

There is good evidence to show the inactivated influenza (flu) vaccine is safe for pregnant people and their babies.  Pregnant people, or those intending to become pregnant, should receive the inactivated influenza vaccine (given by injection), not the live attenuated influenza vaccine (given as a nasal spray).

Influenza can be very serious during pregnancy. Normal changes that happen in the body during pregnancy, like changes in the immune system, make pregnant people more likely to get really sick from influenza and to be hospitalized. Influenza can also be harmful to the baby. 

When people get the influenza vaccine during pregnancy, they can pass protective antibodies to their baby that can help protect the baby from influenza for several months after birth. This is important because babies can get really sick from influenza but can’t get the vaccine until they are six months old. 

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Date last reviewed: 
Thursday, Oct 05, 2023