ImmunizeBC is a collaborative project of the Ministry of Health, BC Centre for Disease Control (an agency of the BC Provincial Health Services Authority), regional health authorities, First Nations and Inuit Health, the BC Pharmacy Association and the Public Health Association of BC. Our mission is to improve the health of British Columbians by continuing to reduce the number of infections by vaccine-preventable diseases, along with the illness, disability and death that they cause.

We do that by providing solid, evidence-based information on immunization to individuals as well as health and immunization providers, along with tools to make it easier for BC families to get immunized and spread the word. This site is an important part of that work.

And we're just part of the picture. Individuals and families, local communities, health providers, regional and provincial health agencies and your provincial and federal governments all have a role to play in protecting our communities from infectious, vaccine-preventable diseases. You can learn more about how all the pieces fit together in the ImmunizeBC Strategic Framework.