Adult immunization

Did you know?

It’s important to get your shots as an adult because in some cases the effects of the disease are more serious than for children.

While most of us are looking after ourselves by eating better, exercising and washing our hands regularly; we might be forgetting about one of the simplest preventive care measures available: vaccination.

Keeping up to date with your vaccinations is a great way to stay healthy. It’s safe and — for many of us — free!

Vaccines can protect you from serious and sometimes deadly diseases. As a child, you may have been vaccinated against diseases such as polio or measles but can you remember the last time you were vaccinated as an adult?

All of the vaccines recommended for adults are available in British Columbia. Most are available at no charge, but for some the cost of the vaccine and its administration is not covered by the public health programs. Speak to your public health nurse, doctor or pharmacist to get more information.