Diseases & vaccinations

Vaccines help protect BC families from many  dangerous diseases. However, it wasn't always this way. Before vaccines, deadly infections like meningococcal disease and whooping cough (pertussis) made many children very sick to the point where some of them required hospitalization. Some even died.

Today, immunization has significantly reduced the damage done by vaccine-preventable diseases. Thanks to regular vaccination, we've dramatically reduced the damage done by those diseases. Yet they still pose a threat. In places like Ireland where immunization rates have dropped off, outbreaks of diseases like measles have soon followed – with fatal results.

A Parent's Guide to Vaccination A Parent's Guide to Vaccination

Everything you need to know in one free downloadable guide: from where and why to immunize, to what you can expect when you do.

DSI: Disease Scene Investigation

Deadly diseases, you've met your match: a crack team of teen investigators with science on their side. Catch these 6-minute episodes!

DSI: Disease Scene Investigation