Why so many vaccinations all of a sudden? We never died...


Why so many vaccinations all of a sudden? We never died thirty years ago from the flu and other diseases these new vaccines purport to protect us against. What has changed that we need these poisons all of a sudden?


Vaccines have saved more lives in Canada than any other medical intervention in the past 50 years. Before vaccines became available many Canadians died from diseases such as diphtheria, measles and polio that are now preventable by immunization. Immunization has been so successful that many of the diseases vaccines prevent are now rare in Canada.  However, the viruses and  bacteria that cause vaccine-preventable diseases still exist. If we stop immunizing (or if immunization rates drop), these diseases will come back. Before long we would see epidemics of diseases that are nearly under control today.

Vaccines are safe and effective and have spared millions of people the effects of devastating diseases. This graphic from the Public Health Agency of Canada shows how effective vaccines have been at reducing disease in Canada.

Immunization Nurse