i am a female and planning to have a baby, how long should i wait to have a baby after 3 doses of HPV9 vaccine? and how many years the hpv9 vaccine will be effective for? thx

There is no recommendation that a person waits any length of time to get pregnant after receiving the HPV vaccine.  The HPV vaccine should not be given during pregnancy because the safety of the vaccine during pregnancy has not been well studied. 

It is not known how long protection from the HPV vaccine lasts.  However, studies show that the HPV vaccine provides good protection for at least 10 years and that there is no evidence of weakened protection over time. 

If you are planning a pregnancy, it’s recommended that you talk to your health care provider about which vaccines you may need before, during and after pregnancy. 

- Immunization Nurse

This answer was published on Sep 11, 2017.
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